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Cat claw board wear-resistant corrugated dual-use

Material: OtherColor: grapefruit, kiwi, four-color corrugated paper, colorful scratching board..

Cat scratcher corrugated paper Anti-scratch sofa protection

Material: corrugated paperProduct Category: Cat Claw BoardWeight: 700gColor: space-time compass cat claw board, cat scratch board replacement core..

Corrugated paper nest cat nest

Material: corrugated paperProduct category: cat scratcherWeight: 0.72kgColor: Meow paper nest..

Creative Corrugated Paper Cat Scratch Board Bell

Material: corrugated cat scratcherProduct category: cat scratcherColor: multi-angle grinder..

Folding Corrugated Cat Scratch Board Cat Scratch Pad

Material: corrugated paperProduct category: chew toysWeight: 1kgColor: Sanhua cat scratcherSpecifications: single board (single folding scratch board), double board (two folding scratch board)..

Grinding claws for cat supplies free catnip

Material: corrugated paperWhether to import: NoProduct Category: Grinding Claw ToysWeight: 0.83kgColor: three-in-one scratcher..

Hamster paper scratcher board

Material: corrugated paperProduct category: chew toysWeight: 700g..
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